When Massacres Are The Norm

I wanted to use this blog to exercise my writing muscle. After years of not writing anything, I wrote for a political campaign and realized how much I miss writing in general. I decided I would start a website and publish posts about wellness and parenting. And, of course, wine! Because that’s the only thing that really matters anyway.

Within just one short month, my gusto for this blog has vanished. I’m not sure where it went off to.  I suppose I’m the victim of writer’s block. But since I have so many adoring fans, I knew I must power through. I have a lot of first drafts started, so I decided I would work on flushing them out to publish since nothing else is coming to me at the moment.

But then the Parkland shooting happened. Everything I attempt to write seems so futile. I keep replaying the last week over and over in my head. I keep trying to make sense of what’s happening. Every single shooting chips away at me but this latest one in Florida rocked me to my core. Maybe it is just the hopelessness of it all. Maybe it’s the fact that no matter what happens, no matter how many people are dead, nothing changes.

Why can’t we fix this? How in the hell have we left it in the hands of teenagers? They should be focusing on trivial teen dramas or studying for a biology exam. Instead they are marching, protesting and rallying for their right to live. And still what if nothing changes? What if we remain powerless despite these CHILDREN fighting the fight of their lives? This is unfathomable. Something must be done but those fuckers in Congress just sit on their hands.

This massacre has made me take one large leap closer to moving abroad. For the longest time, I thought about how much I would miss our family and friends and house and lifestyle if we left. But now it’s changed to how much I’ll miss my kids, their laughs, their hugs, their tears, their everything, if they’re massacred.

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